The Day Israel Murdered Peace
by Clement

Dear Rachel Corrie

I know you are alive today even more than before the monstrous Israeli tractor made its way towards you. That day, I do not know what you ate in the morning. May be nobody knows. Maybe millions of such trivial events are now lost for ever. Big deal.

They are not you. What is you: is your essence! which is well alive, and so many people identify with it. You are the spirit of loving and caring, the spirit of giving, the spirit of dedication, of loving the persecuted more than yourself. And all that, is not dead.

All people who admire you, carry in themselves a great part of you. In a sense you now exist in a multitude of people. Instead of one Rachel, there are now thousands of you.

A person wakes out in the morning to go to work. He does not say good morning to his wife, does not put his hand around her waist. He does not talk to his children and does not hug them. He goes to work, and does not learn anything, does not teach a thing. Back home he drinks a can of beer while eating his meal in front of the TV. He then goes back to bed and thus adds one day to his biological age..

Another person wakes up full of energy, determined to make the day count.

He goes to work, tries to learn from everyone, and does teach something to every one. Back home, he puts his arm around his wife's waist, sits down at the table with his wife and children, asks everyone about his/her day, helps the children with their homework and then, he goes to sleep adding thus a day to his biological age.

Obviously, the two days thus described are of exceedingly different value.

As to you Rachel, you lived a short biological age, but the real life you lived is as long as eternity.. With so much love and admiration. I am not sure I can be like you, though I want it so much.

May you rest in peace.



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